Spec Sheets

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RRPAS Acid Stain (Kokomo 2X, 8 colors)
Aqua-Tique (20 Colors) PDF
RRPBC Bond Coat Single Component (White/Gray) by RRP PDF
RRPBF Bond Force (Liquid) by RRP PDF
RRPSS Clear Seal (Solvent Acrylic) by RRP PDF
RRPCH Color Hardener (20 Colors) by RRP PDF
RRPCR Color Release (Powder) (20 colors) by RRP PDF
RRPCS Color Seal (Acrylic Concrete Coating) PDF
RRPD Concrete Dye Interior Water/Acetone/Alcohol by RRP PDF
RRPGC Green Clean Concrete Cleaner by RRP PDF
RRHPG Grout Hi Performance by RRP PDF
RRGM Grout Mix by RRP  
RRPLR Liquid Release Clear (Bubble Gum scent) by RRP PDF
RRPMCS Micro Coat Single Component (White/Gray) by RRP PDF 
RRPMRB Micro Resurfacer Base Coat Single Component (White/Gray) by RRP PDF
RRPMRS Micro Resurfacer Smooth Coat Single Component (White/Gray) by RRP PDF
RRPMSC Micro Spray Coat PDF
RRPNS300 Non Skid Additive (Propyltex 20, 300 micron) by RRP  
RRPPS Polymeric Joint Compound (20 Colors) by RRP PDF
RRPRA Powder Release Agent (20 Colors) by RRP see Color Release
PRCITRUS Pro Citrus Cleaner Degreaser RRP PDF
PRSTRIP Paint Remover Gel Base RRP
RRMSC ReadyCoat (gray or White base) (colors) by RRP PDF
RRPRP Ready Patch (Concrete Patch) PDF
RRPSD Spray Deck (White/Gray) by RRP PDF
RROL Stampable Overlay Single Component w/fibers White PDF
SG18 Super Gloss 18 Floor Finish PDF
RRPTP Tint Pack (pigment) by RRP  


ReadyCoat Product Demonstration

April 23rd

Austin Crown Plaza Hotel

NE corner of 290 and I-35. South Entrance

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Hosted by:

Touchstone 3x6 Banner22_110113J.gif - 177.78 KB

Houston: 10620 Stebbins Circle, Suite B Houston,Texas 77043 Phone: 713-460-0620 Fax: 713-462-786

Austin: 2210 Denton Drive, Suite 104 Austin, Texas 78758 Phone: 512-719-4830  Fax: 512-719-4829

We are excited to showcase a new product from Ready Rock Products™- ReadyCoat

ReadyCoat is apolymer modified, Portland cement based resurfacer designed to give concrete a uniform appearance without changing the texture of the surface. ReadyCoat can be roller or spray applied to any concrete or masonry surface.

We will be demonstrating the use of ReadyCoat to restore previously stamped and colored concrete. Please do not miss out on the opportunity to learn more!

Please contact Jade at Touchstone to reserve your space now.

Class size will be limited. (512)719-4830

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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